If your goal is to become the most well-known band on the block, you'll need an online marketing campaign to help you attract customers to your music station. Since your top priority is making music, we make our top priority running a personalized marketing campaign for your groove.

By implementing SEO to help your website rank highly in search engines, launching PPC ads to target your customers, and creating a web design that gains traffic to your website, we'll help your business grow. We can even create and manage social media profiles, create custom content, and run personalized email marketing campaigns to drive more online traffic and increase customers to your music sales.

Hire a Testing Engineer

You had a company build your creation, great! Does it do everything like you want it to? Some questions you need to ask before your site gets popular. Can my site handle 50000 users at a time? Can a user input a SQL injection and hack your site? Are all the validations on the different forms checking out? Testing engineers try to break your site before customers tell the world. I also find issues with your site before the hackers do. Hire me to tell you about the problems before you start loosing customers.

Hire your next Web Developer

After 20 years on the job, I learned that every developer don't know everything. Things that I do know, I know very well. When you hire me, you are hiring someone who builds projects from scratch. I learned that not all programmers write the same, nothing in the programming world is a quick fix. If you need something changed that is a quick fix, learn it yourself. Go on YouTube and learn it. The time it takes you to find a developer or a team is the same time a developer from YouTube has told you how to change it. The projects I take are projects that are very well detailed, all content are spelled out, and I know the look and feel of the site. After that, let me finish the project. Most projects do take 4 to 6 months to build.