Resignation as an NFT: A Novel Approach to Employee Termination

This technical white paper presents a new method for employees to resign using a unique digital asset, known as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). We describe the process of creating an NFT, minting it, and releasing it to the recipient, and explain how this process can be used to enhance the employee-employer relationship in the context of resignation.


The traditional method of resignation involves a letter or email, followed by a conversation with the employer. While this approach may be effective in conveying the message, it lacks a personal touch and does not leave a lasting impression. By contrast, an NFT is a unique digital asset that can be created, minted, and released to the recipient, providing a tangible representation of the employee's decision to resign.

Creating the NFT:

To create an NFT, the employee must first determine the content of the digital asset. This may include a message, image, or other form of media that represents their decision to resign. Once the content is determined, the employee can create the NFT using a blockchain platform such as Ethereum or Solana. This requires the use of a digital wallet, which can be obtained through various providers such as Metamask or Coinbase.

Minting and Releasing the NFT:

After the NFT is created, the employee must mint it on the blockchain. This involves assigning a unique identifier to the asset and recording it on the blockchain ledger. The employee can then release the NFT to the recipient by sending it to their digital wallet address.

In the context of resignation, the employee can send the NFT to their employer's digital wallet address in the form of an email attachment or through a blockchain-based messaging platform such as Status or Keybase. The NFT serves as a formal resignation document, providing a timestamp and a verifiable record of the employee's decision to resign.


Resignation as an NFT provides a unique and memorable way for employees to resign, and can enhance the relationship between the employee and employer in the context of termination. By creating and releasing an NFT, employees can demonstrate their commitment to professionalism and innovation, while also providing a lasting reminder of their time with the company.